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Good sailing,good food and friendly company in a healthy and happy environment – that is what Blue Voyage is all about.Wherever you come from,and how old you may be,after a week or two aflot in this scenic wonderland,you will become one heart with the beauty and serenity of nature.

On a crewed yacht,your every need is attended to by a professional crew and your days are filled with panoramas of coast and sea,fascinating ancient ruins and quaint fishing villages.During the day,it cruise for a few hours and sail if the wind allows.Closer to lunch or dinner,it approach the land or drop anchor in a solitary bay,alongside a small village or off an island.At every stop,and there will be at least two per day, there is opportinity to swim,fish,snorkel,windsurf,sunbath,take a trip a shore or just read under the shade of the sun awning.The focus of this holiday is on relaxation and recreation.It can be as relaxing or as energetic experience as desired.

Turkey is also a dream for the avid shopper with many places to sanp up beautiful hand made rugs and carpets,stunning jewellery and traditional herbs that help make Turkish cuisine mouth-wateringly delicious. Your friendly,attentive crew will consist of a captain,a cook and either one or two seaman.Their job is to ensure that you are comrtable,well fed and entertained.

A crewed yacht charter holiday gives you the oppotumnity to see the best of the Turkish coast and at the same time enjoy the lifestyle once reserved for the very wealthy alone.

For the type of the Blue Voyage it offers,you don't have to hold a skipper's license no do you need to have previous sailing experience.It provides youwith a traditional wooden yacht which you charter with crew.Modern gulets are comfortably equipped with most home comforts,and encourages a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere for all the passangers with a friendly relationship with the crew.Your captain and crew are experienced seafarers,usually local Turkish people,who know cruising grounds in and out and will share their knowledge,skills and local lore with you.

The crew of 3 – 4 serve you on board as a captain,cook and general assistant.The captain and the crew will do all the cooking and cleaning for you ,relaxing,swimming and sunbathing are your responsibility! Gulet's galley is always well equipped and the cook takes pride in creating tempting dishes of Turkish and

international origin.You will be expected to fill in a “preferance sheet” to list what types of food you like to eat,wheter you have any allergies and if you have any special dietary requirements.The cook will then try to fulfill your requirements as far as possible;althought in Turkey some ingredients are just not available.

Just as you will let your ccok know what appeals to you in the way of food,you are wise to let your captain know what interests you ashore.He expert advice will enable you with satisfying itinerary with all the right ingredients

Your captain will see to it that your cruise moves along at a good pace.He desides on departure times and meal times according to the composition of the group,the day of the week and weather conditions.The captain is responsible for the safety of the vessel and its passangers and has the right to alter the itinerary when necessary.

The crew aboard Gulets and yachts often do not have a foreign language mastered,but they almost always know a few “every – day” phrases and are able to understand almost all requests.If you are planning to charter a Turkish vessel and require a member of your crew to speak good english,you might be advised to hire the services of a local tour guide for the duration of your cruise.Apart from giving you a better insight as to the Turkish way of life,any shore excursions to archeological sites are sure to be more rewarding with a guide along.

Cruising embodies the best in all aspects of life : rolling waves,clear sea air,sunshine,exotic ports,excellent service ,exciting entertainment, and gourmet food! The food aboard gulets is legendary,for its abondance , presentation and palatability.The rear deck of the Gulet is the lounge and dining area will be served freshly prepared breakfast,lunch and dinner meals,included grilled meats,fish dishes

a variet of fresh salads and fruits and Turkish specialities.

You will never go hungary aboard a gulet!In most of the private charters it offers,meals are fully included (except soft and alcoholic beverages),served three times at the day.
If you plan to celebrate an anniversary or birthday during your voyage,special arrangements may be made in advance.A special dessert,or a bottle of vintage wine or champagne,will help you create the perfect special occasion memory.Many charters will accommodate guests special dietary needs,such as vegeterian,diabetic,low – fat,low – sodium,low – cholestrol,or kosher diets.In addition,experienced cruisers will reconfirm their special diet requests soon after boarding the gulet.





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