Half Day Yahya Efendi, Camlica Mosque and
( Prophet Joshua HZ Yusa ) Visiting in Istanbul

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Our visiting starts at 09: 30 Am – 09 : 45 Am and we pick you up from your hotel or hostel / apartment in Istanbul with our private AC non smoker minivan or sprinter. First of all we will visit YAHYA EFENDI in Besiktas Area .


Yahya Efendi or Molla Shaykhzadeh (b. 1494, Trabzon – d. 1570, Istanbul), Ottoman Islamic scholar, sufi, and poet buried in Beshiktash, Istanbul.

He was a well-known scholar, having served as a teacher of religious sciences during the reign of Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent. Yahya Efendi had close ties with the palace and was consulted by the Sultan throughout his life. After retirement, he built a dargah, numerous buildings, and charitable trusts in Beşiktaş, and planted trees in the area.


Joshua’s Hill (Turkish: Yuşa Tepesi or Hazreti Yuşa Tepesi), a hill located on the Asian shore of Bosphorus in Beykoz district of Istanbul, Turkey is a shrine containing a mosque and a tomb dedicated to Joshua (Turkish: Hazreti Yuşa). The sacred place, 180 to 195 meters (591 to 640 ft) above sea level, is also an important landmark for vessels coming from the Black Sea. At the summit of the hill is a terrace with benches for the comfort of pilgrims visiting the mosque and the tomb of Saint Joshua. To the north of the hill, Yoros Castle is situated.

Tomb of Joshua

At the top of the hill, a giant symbolic grave stands, known to the Europeans as the “Giant’s Grave”. It is believed by some Muslims to be the tomb of Prophet Joshua. Alternative traditional sites for the Prophet’s tomb are situated in Israel (the Shia shrine at Al-Nabi Yusha’), Jordan (An-Nabi Yusha’ bin Noon, a Sunni shrine near the city of Al-Salt ) and Iraq (the Nabi Yusha’ shrine of Baghdad..

A flat, rectangular earthen rise 17 meters (56 ft) long and 2 meters (6.6 ft) wide. The roofless area is surrounded with a high cast-iron grate, enclosed by means of an iron netting. The point is that the local inhabitants consider the grave miraculous and come here in order to be healed of their illnesses. But, the iron netting prevents the pilgrim from touching the holy ground inside the fence.

Then we will drive to Beykoz to visit Prophet Joshua ( HZ Yusa ) .. A hill located on the Asian shore of Bosphorus in Beykoz district of Istanbul, Turkey is a shrine containing a mosque and a tomb dedicated to Joshua
(Turkish: Hazreti Yuşa).


Turkey’s biggest mosque, the construction of Camlica Mosque is approaching an end. With a capacity of 63,000 it would be the largest mosque in Turkey

Istanbul’s towering Çamlıca mosque will be inaugurated in the half month of Ramadan in 2018, which will start in mid-May, as the last decorations on its dome finish.

Personally supervised by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey’s biggest mosque has been under construction since 2013. The project, which also includes a library, a museum of Turkish Islamic arts, design workshops and conference rooms, has been built on a 15,000-square-meter (161,000-square-foot) area.

After we pray Zuhr in Camlica Mosque We stop at a Shopping place for Honey, Turkish Baklava, Turkish Delight, Saffran, etc. we will drive back to the hotel or your apartment and the tour is gonna finish around  14: 30 – 15: 00 Pm



Half-Day Blessed Muslim Saint, Camlica Mosque and
( Prophet Joshua HZ Yusa ) Visiting in Istanbul with Private Car

2  Persons
95 Euro  or 90 GBP Per Person

4 – 6 Persons

65 Euro or 50 GBP Per Person


  • This is a Private Tour that is organized on Request.
  • Starts at 09:30 Am — 09: 45 Am and Ends at 15:00 Pm
  • Tour Includes Private Minivan & Guidance Service.
  • We give time for Each Place for the Prayers.
  • Upon request, we can make a special program.
  • Mondays most of the tombs are closed.
  • Children 0-6 Free
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Note : In the tours, ziyarats we explain to you the stories of the places and the importance of the tombs, sahabas & Evliyas buried in Istanbul.

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