Aksaray -Istanbul

GAR MUSIC HALL / Oriental Dancing

Oriental Dance is the oldest known dance known to mankind. It bears the mystical features of the Eastern culture. It is impossible not to be enchanted by the oriental dances performed by the Professional oriental dancers. We offer 3 different programs at our halls with our beautiful and Professional dancers to provide you with this magical environment.

GAR MUSIC HALL / Anatolian Folk Dances

The enchanting and well known folk dances combined and brought together from various parts of Anatolia are performed by our Professional dancers accompanied by unique music as 3 different and excellent visual shows.

GAR MUSIC HALL / Aşuk & Maşuk Show

It is a play exclusively brought from Silifke region in Anatolia. Two players in their special costumes play the story of lovers who flirt with each other.

GAR MUSIC HALL / Caucasian Dances

The Caucasian dances with the excellent choreography are among the most selected dances in the world with unique moves and music. Their marvelous shows based on the theme of War and Love are presented to you by our Team of Caucasian dancers who are among the most elite artists in their area in Turkey.

GAR MUSIC HALL / Professional Potpourri Show

Our Professional singers present and perform all the best current songs as well as the hits of the past in world languages as an excellent potpourri show.


Starter = Melba Toeast , Butter , Hors D’Oeuvre Plate ( Rich Antipasti from Turkish Cousine )

Warm Starter = Pastry   Salad = Seasonal Salad

MAIN DISHES  = Chicken & Meat Ball  Chicken Breast Or Grilled Steak

DESSERT   =   Mixed Fruit Plate

LIMITED DRINKS = 1 35 Cl Bottle Wine or 2 Bottle Beer or 2 Bottle Soft Drinks or 2 Glass Local Drinks


Dinner & Limited Drinks & Show Per person fee is:  50 EURO

Dinner & Soft Drinks & Show Per person fee is:  40 EURO

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