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Cappadocia -Turkey

We renovated and restored our traditional stone arch house to accommodate the Cappadocia Home Cooking School and restaurant, which is located in the small village of Ayvalı, just 10 km. faraway from Ürgüp.

Cooking school run by a family, this is why we want you to feel that our home is your home. We want you to enjoy Turkish hospitality and tradition. We also use only natural fruits, vegetables and spices farmed in our own garden.

Of course you get to savor of this authentic Turkish food in our restaurant, after we have prepared them together!

We are living in a traditional stone arch house of Cappadocia, which we are lovingly restored to accommodate our family runs Home Cooking School. This could be also teaching recipes for lunch and dinner menus.

Our home and cooking class is in a small Turkish style village which is located in Cappadocia. Also transport services are available from anywhere in Cappadocia. Small service fee apply.

As a guest in our cooking restaurant, we want you to experience Turkish hospitality and traditional village life, beside the cooking class.

We cook only natural, organic products, including green beans, eggplant, tomato, chili, onion, lettuce, garlic, you name it…

Firstly, you will welcome with Turkish tea. While you having a tea, you will be introduced our cooking class area, organic garden, home and our village. To start, we picked the vegetables from our organic garden. We prepare regional home cooking with your psychical attendance. Such as, chopped the onion, diced the tomato, mixed with garlic and mince beef, cooked them in the pot. On the other side, peal the eggplant on zebra style, half fried in olive oil (This could be sun flour oil)… this is how you make a stuffed eggplant meal. All this preparation and cooking are done by your psychical attendance. This will takes about 3 hours including soup, entrée, main meal and local dessert. Of course many other side dishes will served as well as your meals. You will enjoy your own cooked delicious Turkish foods.

Cooking Class in Cappadocia Turkey

If you want to learn how to cook Turkish food  that we are waiting to meet with you at our house,

We invite you to join us at our cooking class. We’re going to cook local foods from our menus and learn cooking techniques and secrets from “Mother Havva” (Eve). Begin with; you will prepare the recipes with your own hands with the help of the chef Tolga. We will enjoy eating what we have made in the beautiful landscape that surrounds our home.

During the time you spend in our house you will learn not only about local foods you like but also you will learn how to make local deserts and different kinds of pastry. When return to your home, you can prepare local foods easily as a souvenir of your visit with us in Cappadocia.

We invite you to our kitchen to savor some unforgettable dishes with us.

We have two times a day cooking class. This is lunch class and dinner class.

Lunch Class Stars at 11.00 Am

Dinner Class Stars at 17.00 Pm

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