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A Fountain at the Corner








                                              Barlett - Fountain of Ahmet III.

There is a fountain at every corner in Istanbul. And a real Istanbuller is like a fountain at the corner. Feel free to enjoy some

Fountain is only a reason,

We want muhabbet

That’s our prison.

Examine the fountains of Istanbul, and you will get more than you can get from the books.

This column intends to be a fountain at a corner. Hope you may find some muhabbet; talking to your heart’s content.

Overlooking the Bosphorus up from a hill of Asia, people may overlook the real stories of the Istanbullers. What can an Istanbuller see beyond the blue waters of the Straits? Come on, join me, it’s like a day dreaming…

Watching Europe enjoy a glass of tea

Watching Asia sip a glass of wine

Fishing between the two continents

Sailing between the two cultures; The East and The West

Mixing in a melting pot of its own; ‘potato salad type’                                                  

Potatoes, beans, onions, olives and others; they do preserve their identity

And together they form a unique blend.

Rather than a potato mesh where the members lose their identities

And they give up their personalities;

Where potato smashes the others; a crush of civilizations

Here people mix, in Istanbul pot.

Day dreaming the beaches of my childhood

Wining in Europe and Dining in Asia                                                                              D'Aronco

Shadows of Chinese tones on Turkish tiles

Turquoise; the passionate kiss of Iran green with Byzantine blue

And the rhythmic combination of Afghan red

Iznik Tiles and Turkish coffee after a full dinner; no regrets for my belly!

Four seasons in one day

Four thousand years in one step

Four religions at one square

              Abdulhamit II.

All around

Greek house owner

Jewish neighbors

American education in the high school

Friends educated in France

Relatives working in Germany

Working in a multi national company

Military service in the Eastern Turkey with Armenians and Kurds in the same dormitory

A Kiwi e-girl friend who lives in London

A little bit Muslim

A little bit this, and a little bit that

                              All around.                                                                                        Harem -  Topkapi

I am a fountain. Feel free to enjoy some.

I am a Istanbuller.

Welcome to my city!

Umit Ozaydin


         German Fountain                                                                                                                          

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